Alan Martin

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Work Experience

Software Developer - Xanadu

September 2023 - Present

TypeScript Next.js React Tailwind AWS Gatsby GraphQL Apollo TanstackQuery JEST

I collaborate with the Cloud Team at Xanadu and PennyLane AI to develop cutting-edge resources and educational content for researchers, students, and quantum computing enthusiasts. Our goal is to make quantum computing accessible and engaging for all, bridging the gap between complex concepts and practical applications. Our mission is to build quantum computers that are useful and available to people everywhere.

Tablz logo with an ethereal backdrop showcasing a vibrant, bustling restaurant scene.

Senior Software Developer - Tablz

August 2022 - July 2023

TypeScript Node.js Express PostgreSQL TypeORM GraphQL React ReactQuery Context Cypress JEST MUI SCSS

As a Senior Software Developer at Tablz, I am deeply involved in crafting robust backend architecture and improving user experience across our platforms, which has led to significant enhancements in customer retention. My comprehensive testing strategies have ensured system stability while my emphasis on accessibility has fostered a more inclusive digital environment. In addition to these technical responsibilities, I actively mentor developers and students, strengthening our team with fresh talent from top-tier universities. I also champion transparency within our team by presenting weekly engineering updates, ensuring everyone stays aligned on our goals and progress.

Ambassador logo featuring a dynamic backdrop of people sharing delectable food

Full Stack Engineer - Ambassador AI

August 2021 - August 2022

TypeScript Node.js Express React Redux MongoDB Next.js Heroku REST Figma

As a Full Stack Engineer at Ambassador AI, I empowered restaurants to establish an online presence amid the COVID-19 pandemic by creating a website builder and custom CMS. I optimized online ordering by integrating APIs like Google and Facebook, enhancing user experience and fostering seamless interactions between restaurants and customers. Additionally, I significantly boosted company visibility and SEO performance by developing a marketing-focused restaurant marketplace that facilitated easier discovery of local dining options for customers.

Fülhaus logo featuring a stunning interior design from the Fülhaus portfolio, showcasing a bright and inviting bedroom setting.

Front End Engineer - Fülhaus

December 2020 - August 2021

TypeScript Node.js React Redux SCSS Sanity & Strapi CMS MongoDB Mongoose REST GROQ GraphQL JEST AWS Amplify Figma

As a Front End Engineer at Fülhaus, I played a key role in building and launching an innovative e-commerce marketplace, significantly enhancing the customer experience. I also contributed to the development and optimization of "The Moodboard," a company blog designed to increase SEO visibility and drive organic traffic. Furthermore, I participated in creating an in-house component library, ensuring consistent UI design and boosting productivity across various company applications.

Leapgrad Logo

Software Developer Intern - Leap

June 2020 - October 2020

JavaScript Node.js React Redux SCSS & CSS Bootstrap JEST

During my Software Developer Internship at LeapGrad, I was instrumental in implementing tests for existing React components, enhancing code quality and reliability by identifying and addressing issues. Collaborating closely with the development team, I helped resolve various bugs, thereby ensuring a successful Minimum Viable Product (MVP) early release for students at the University of Waterloo and the University of Toronto.

Two white cats and one greyish-brown tabby on a cardboard box house

Head Cat Dad - Mes Petits Chats Inc.

October 2017 - Present

Electric Cat Feeder Litterbox.js Scoop Petify

As the Head Cat Dad at Mes Petits Chats Inc, I empower my feline companions, Tibrin, Fanny, and Alice, to reign supreme over the kingdom of cuteness. Fluent in the mysterious language of Litter.js, I decode their litter box desires with unmatched precision. My proficiency in the scoop management system ensures that their royal chambers remain immaculate at all times. But my triumph doesn't stop there! By ingeniously programming their feeder to dispense three meals a day, I have successfully thwarted their devious plot to wake me up at the ungodly hour of 4 AM. With my unparalleled skills and the adorability of Tibrin, Fanny, and Alice. Mes Petits Chats Inc stands as a haven for all things feline and fabulous.

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